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P2PU Sign-up Closed, 227 Applicants in 7 Courses

On August 26, 2009 at midnight EST we closed applications to the first cycle at the Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) with a total of 227 applicants across 7 courses. The six week pilot phase will begin on September 9, 2009 (09/09/09). Each of the 7 courses has a maximum enrollment of 8 - 15 students. All applicants will be notified of their status within a week.

P2PU Course Application Distribution

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Number of Applicants to Each P2PU Course


These are exciting times, all of our initial courses have more applicants than we can possibly accept. At the end of the first cycle, we’re going to meet for a retrospective and iterate on our methodology. During the second cycle I’ll be leading a course on web development. Hope to see you there.